Thursday, January 27, 2011

F**k U!

Ahh KARMA this is GREAT! His version of Cee Lo's  "F**K YOU!" This was his video card for everyone for Christmas! It touches the heart for sure! <3      ENJOY!

Jenny Owen Youngs - Fuck Was I

Friday, January 21, 2011


I am actually going on a REAL date tonight. **Nervous** Not sure if I am ready or not. It's been an emotional rollercoaster the last couple months, what with the ex breaking up with me and getting a new girl in his life that now lives with him in a 1 bedroom with her 4 year old... So much for telling me you do not want a relationship! Oh! Did I mention that he lives here in the same complex that I live and work in? Yeah... I manage his unit. THANK GOD his lease is up the end of January and He is moving TO SALT LAKE!! HA HA HA We will see how long THAT lasts!

 I finally decided that it is time to get myself out there... But where do you go to find men? I do not want to meet anyone at a bar. Patti Stanger the Millionaire Matchmaker suggested to hang out at the ski resorts. Ratio of 11 to 1. So I will be lodging it some this winter!

So.... how embarrassing...Back to my date I am going on tonight... (Sidetracked easy by my disgust and anger)... I met him online YES I said it ON LINE! I'm keeping the site to myself...

This guy is over 6 feet tall, no kids and 40. PERFECT....I hope. Got to wonder about single 40's no kids. The ex falls in that catagory and his fear of commitment is prob why for him! But the date is driving up here from Draper and made reservations at a resturant. I am going to give a few men the pleasure of taking me out. Just going to have fun dating at 40! Yes I will be 40 on Sunday... yay :(

Watch out men, you might need that fire extinguisher ;)

Monday, January 10, 2011

I cut that man right out of my hair!

Funny how a new hair cut can make you feel better and give you a whole new attitude! Here is to 2011-- My year of DREAM! A lot of positive changes going on right now! Life is good here in Park City for me. I am very blessed!