Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My futures So Bright I've Got To Wear Shades!!


Took them off my head.... went to put them back one and...... the end of the arm is broken off!! What the crap? What is it with me and my cheap sunglasses? It's hopeless to keep a pair. I'm afraid to get expensive ones. I LOVE my cheap, big, bling, sunglasses! I fall in love with a pair then..... crap! and I tell you it's not that I drop them, I don't sit on them, i don't trow them, I'm pretty kind and gentle to my eye wear.... they.... just.... casually... fall apart!

I did however step on "Satan's" glasses... THAT was an accident.... crushed one side.. Wish I had tem around to get a pic of but I do not know what he did with them... He WAS trying to wear them to see out of the one leans left. Took my cousin Nicole out to main.... She hates the snow. She slipped and fell getting into the cab and we had no clue she lost them off her head until I went back to look for them and found only the front top of the frames.

My only not 'black" pair. Yep arm broken off... *sigh you can see they are cracked around the lenses as well had to glue that. As soon as I did and was like Oh Yeah we are good the same day that arm fell right off!

My Diors... Yes I said cheap sunglasses but these were a gift from a friend in Vegas (I didn't pay for them). Damn it!! Yes see the are is broke right off!!

My favorite Hollywood Blvd glasses from when I was living and working out in Holy-weird! These bum me out the most... they are my most favs!

Ok.... why do I still have all these broken glasses?? Well... deep down I am hoping they will fix themselves or can be fixed so I can have my favorite cheap eye wear back on my face where they belong!!

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