Thursday, March 31, 2011


Where is that fine line? I have damn near douched my relationships down to just having the important true ones in my life. With Facebook now, you collect people you know on your "Friends" list. I find the site great for networking. That is how I used my MySpace years ago for music and bands.

What is "Friendship"?

Defined: For me anyways is someone that is there for you, has your back and values you as who you are and are unconditional.

Why do we use the term so loosely? I hardly ever hear "He's an acquaintance of mine" or "That is my co-worker" maybe "Someone that I interacted with in the past" Is it that it sounds better to have so many "Friends" for a feeling of acceptance?

I am really reevaluating this anymore. I have over extended myself in trying to relate with people in my life that I find incredible but at most I am the one doing all the work. Does not anyone have the time anymore to give of yourself and help another? Especially a so called "friend"? Are our lives to cluttered with unnecessary activities that we forget what is truly needed in this world? Service of ourselves? But where is that line drawn as well? When is giving to much that you compromise yourself and take to much from ones self? What is enough that you aren't selfish?


  1. Best friends are those who Challenge & Inspire us to move forward in our lives,encourage us to just be us, and to deepen our interaction with others, who value us and all our crap.
    I agree I think the word friend is used loosely.

  2. Friends is a strong word. Carman...I consider you my friend. There are not many people I can say that about.