Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Being Single ~Valentines Day

"Being broken hearted is like having this really horrible freedom" ~ Florence Welch

I was just reminded that Monday is Valentines Day... Great. Most overrated holiday EVER!! Am I slightly bitter? Maybe just a little, but really.... Shouldn't it be valentines all the time with someone that you care about and love? Seriously!

I am loving my "Horrible Freedom" No expectaions, no letting someone down, no planning my events around someone else, no having to explain myself and NO JEALOUSY!

This Valentines I will be with the ones that mean the most to me, but I already do that everyday anyways. That and I will be working that day at the office. Just another Monday it will be I am very sure. I don't mind receiving flowers if at "anytime of the year" you would like to have some delivered to me :D

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