Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I give up....

I am giving up on all this dating crap! Men my age are insecure and desperate. I love how they try twisting it around on me to. I don't answer the phone right when they call, or text right back Im an a-hole.

First off I just met you mmmm kay. 2ndly I DO have a life. Single mom, full time job and established friendships and social life. You are NOT going to be priority when I have just met you. THAT comes with time. Further more I HATE TEXTING! I will NOT have a conversation in text. If I am worth it enough, call my sexy ass! Get some balls now and quit hiding behind your computers and cell phones!

Get this I am an a-hole for being honest to, If there is no connection.. there just is never going to be one. I will remain  friends and maybe introduce you to some of my friends. I guess that was an ego killer. TOUGH TITTY!

Where to meet decent men that are not extreamly damaged by other women (mommies included), drugs, or alcohol? That have at least a running vehicle and an ok job? Don't say church either... that didn't go over to well ... see above paragraphs on that except now you have to see him every sunday. Dating specialist did say Ski resorts.... well.... can't get the kid to go sking! (Won't go alone-- what a waste in a season lift pass)

I'm pretty forgiving and know that anyone is coming with "some" baggage. Hell it will take someone as forgiving as I am to put up with my crazy life! Just the one's that will are ones trying to latch on to someone real quick and I am not attracted to for what ever reason. Those types of relationships don't work out. You end up finally getting to know the person and it turns south real quick and gets messy!

So.....  I would like a roommate, friend, lover, NO expectations, attractive, tattooed, in to rock, preferably a musician, have a vehicle, and a half way decent job to at least pay half the bills, loves only me, says all the right things, helps out with chores and on occasion treats me like a princess, takes me around his friends, likes my cooking, thinks I am sexy and I am attracted to....

Ok I am in a dream world here now I know for sure.... All I know I went out of my "NORM" so to speak with different guy types and have decided to stick to my own kind... whatever that is....


  1. You deserve what the heart wants, and you WILL find it. You are an extraordinary wonderful and beautiful woman. You will never have to settle for less than you deserve. Im crossing my fingers and toes for you.

  2. P.S., LOVE the blog. I have been keeping up. Great job chicky !!!

  3. Thank you Brandon! That means a lot to me to hear that from you! <3