Thursday, February 3, 2011


Sitting here a reminiscing thought came to my head, can't even tell you what triggered it off either. I was 18, sluffing school. The radio station that I listened to at the time was having a giveaway. It was a week long event for them Nominate someone, nominate a politician then on Friday why you as a listener thought you deserved a case of corn nuts. I called in, and won. The station was KJQ with Bill Allread and Kerri Jackson. My reason why I thought I deserved a case of those nuts you ask?

It goes like this:

Nuts in the morning
Nuts at night
Nuts make you days nice and bright
Eat them here, Eat them there
You can eat them anywhere
And because of this little rhyme
I think the nuts should all be mine....

Thank goodness they broke up the flavors! I am pretty sure if memory serves the originals were the last to go! :) ~YUM

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